Will Trump Declare Himself Emperor for Life Before Mueller Drops the Other Shoe?

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“Amid city streets a father holds up a sign reading "Make America Think Again" as his son holds his hand” by Jose Moreno on Unsplash

After 500 days of scandals and rumors of scandals, will Donald J. Trump declare himself Emperor for Life before Special Investigator Robert Mueller drops the other shoe?

America, as we have known her, is caught in a quandary. It is as complexing a conundrum as one can find.

Just who rules America?

Is it the rule of law embedded in the star-studded constitution, or is it a snake oil salesman in fake yellow hair?

Throughout the Obama Presidency, Americans on the extreme right, constantly posited that President Obama would declare martial law and never leave office. This they argued was a grand liberal plot in spite of the fact that Obama did everything he could to toe the constitutional line.

Obama, like Lincoln had before him, weighed the great issues of his day in the balance of preserving the ideal of America as envisioned by the framers of the constitution.

This can not be said of Trump. He appears to be dead-set against constitutional rule. His every move since taking the oath to defend the constitution against foreign or domestic adversaries has been to cover up his tracks leading from the steps of the Kremlin to taking that oath on the West Front of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, District of Columbia.

In addition to being the oldest and richest person ever to take the oath of office to serve as President, Trump is also the first president never to have served in either the military or in government service before taking the presidential oath.

In fact, Trump in his real estate career has never had to take a public oath of any kind. A public oath to uphold the institutions of the company is an alien concept to Trump. He owes no loyalty to any pledge of allegiance or oath of office and would just as soon declared himself emperor for life to save him the hassle of being subjected to the questioning from Mueller or from United States Senators who may be empaneled to weigh in on the question: “Shall the president be removed from office.”

The only way for him to avoid the inevitable is to have all constitutional powers vest in his presidency. A sort of 21st century Nixonian belief that the President of the United States is above the law. Otherwise, Trump knows he is subject to criminal and impeachment proceeding under the laws, statutes and constitution of the United States of America.

This President thinks the Justice Department, including Special Investigator Mueller, should be loyal (to a fault) to him, and not to the constitution.

This attitude is two giant steps down the proverbial slippery slope to totalitarianism. The maddening crowd in support of this President either can not see or is unwilling to see that blind loyalty to any despot ultimately leads to decisions in the best interest of the despotic ruler. The supporters be damned.

In 500 days, Trump has rendered America into something she has never been and into an institution the founders could not have imagined.

How much more damage can be done in the next 500 days?

It is in times like these that one wishes the Alt-Right was right about the talk of a “deep-state”. For a deep-state, given a tone-deaf congress, is precisely the only thing that can deter Trump’s declaration that he, like Ceasar, is Emperor for Life, above the constitution with carte blanche to do anything he wants to do and whenever he wants to do it.

Jeh Johnson, former Homeland Security Director during the Obama Presidency recently told Wolf Blitzer of CNN News he believes that Trump and his legal mouthpiece, Rudy Giuliani, have staked out extreme political and legal positions respectfully, to give them negotiating room to tack back to a middle position in the Russian investigation.

I think Johnson is misreading the tea leaves. I believe Trump will push any envelope as far as he can. These are not normal times and Trump is not your average normal political actor.

Having such a dreary reading of the tea leaves, I hope Johnson is right in his assessment of the situation, because the nation is in clear and present danger of becoming a Russian satellite with its own totalitarian dictator.

Buckle up your chin strap America, the worst is yet to come.


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