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Photo by W A T A R I on Unsplash

The echo of what Robert De Niro said is still ringing in my ear. De Niro took the stage at the 2018 Tony Awards and was pretty emphatic on his thoughts about the status of America today.

“I’m going to say one thing,” he began before dropping an explicit F-Bomb directed at the interloper in the White House, “Fuck Trump!”

The auditorium stood up and enthusiastically applauded De Niro’s suggestion.

Concluding his “one thing,” De Niro said, “It’s no longer down with Trump, it’s Fuck Trump.”

Trump is fucked by Hollywood elites. He might want to consider staying in Singapore or hitching a ride on Kim Jong Un’s plane for a drop off at the Kremlin. His so-called presidency has been called out as fake.

Only in America are the people free to fuck a dictatorial ruler.

Oh, yeah, what De Niro said.

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