Trump Saluted Power Away to North Korean General

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I’ve lived long enough to see a so called American president salute a General in the North Korean Army. Now if that don’t beat everything I don’t know what does.

A few years ago, the hue and cry from Republicans was disbelief that President Barack Obama bowed to Muslim leaders in Northeast Africa.

But to have a U S president stand at attention and salute a General in a foreign army is the height of butt kissing in international relations. It is essentially a salute of allegiance to a foreign General and the army the General represents.

This salute can only be interrupted as a sign of surrender. Let it be written in the history books that the North finally won the Korean Conflict. Kim Jong Un got the best of his one-on-one with Trump.

You expect more from Donald J. Trump and you usually get it. His disdain of the red, white and blue is so disrespectful, he should be barred from ever again complaining about NFL employees who take a knee at the performance of the Star Spangled Banner.

America is effectively a country without a leader and on the losing end of the Korean Conflict. It’s time for the American people to stand up and say, “Get that son of a biscuit eater out of here.”

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