Trump Is on the Lamb Over Penn Loss

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Conor Lamb claims victory in Pennsylvania 18th Congressional District.Photo from

Donald Trump sauntered into Pennsylvania this past weekend seeking to defeat Conor Lamb. After an all night tally, a little less than six hundred votes separates Lamb from his Republican rival.

Lamb has declared victory.

The race was extremely close in spite of Trump’s full throttle assault on the stump in Pennsylvania, where he spent most of his air extolling himself and seldom mentioning the Republican candidate Rick Saccone.

By Tuesday of this week, Trump found himself on the lamb in a Gettsbury of his own making, not able to stop the blue wave sweeping across the country.

This election in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District proved a number of things.

First, the blue wave is real.

Second, the blue wave is gaining the “big mo.”

Third, Trump is not big enough to stand between the blue wave and GOPer’s attempts to hold onto their congressional seats in November.

Fourth, Pelosi or some other Democrat is likely to wield the gavel when the next congress convenes.

Five, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the specter of impeachment just got a lot more plausible.

Trump is on the lamb and his party is has some soul searching to do.

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