The words of Rev. Jasper Williams have no need to be rehabilitated. They speak for themselves. His words stand on their own feet. They live in the ethos now and forevermore.

The question becomes what will Black people do with these words which calls them to greater accountability for the self inflicted violence in their community?

Will Black people reject these words?

If Black people accept these words, what programmatic solutions will evolve to accept more responsibility for the conditions in the community?

Then there is the question should Black people be self critical, why or why not?

Moreover, this lead to the question, are Black people 100 and beyond criticism from within and from without the community?

These are some of the thoughts Williams words have stirred in me. I will ponder his sermon for a few days longer.

Written by

Harvey is Living Now Book Awards 2020 Bronze Medalist for his memoir Freaknik Lawyer: A Memoir on the Craft of Resistance. Available at

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