Reassessing Medium As a Medium for My Writing

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I joined Medium on February 18, 2018, at the urging of a young man whom I coached in youth league baseball. He thought Medium was an excellent platform for me to expand my readership by attracting new readers on the Medium portal.

I was a little skeptical, since, a site for writers like Medium is just that, a landing place for writers and their work. Experience has taught me that a platform for writers does not necessarily equate to a site of readers. My colleagues at Medium are like me; they devote their precious time to writing, which leaves very little time for reading. However, I do try to read a couple of articles at least two times a week.

Here are the numbers:

In 15 months, I have published 138 stories on Medium. Forty-three or 31 percent of these stories have not made any money. A total of 48 stories or 35 percent earned less than one dollar. Therefore, two-thirds of the stories published on Medium in the last 15 months have made less than one dollar. Thirty-two stories or 23 percent made between $1.00 and $10.00. While 23 stories or 17 percent, earned between $10.00 and $100.00.

Despite the fact I have been writing professionally since my sophomore year in college (1972), my work may not be good enough for readers today. I’m willing to accept this reality, keep my $5.00 in my bank account and move on. No doubt Medium will not miss the money, but I will be acutely aware it is still in my possession each month.

I’ve written my memoirs, Freaknik Lawyer, which, through my life, explains the impact the Brown v. Topeka Board of Education has had on the matter concerning Black lives in this country from 1619 to 2019. It is written in part to give the youngsters an understanding of what the fight is all about if they care to educate themselves on the history which has delivered us to this epoch.

At my age, Freaknik Lawyer will be my sine die to the world of letters. As Sly Stone sang, “hey I’m gone, forget about reaching me by phone, cause I promise I will be gone for a while and when I see you again, I hope that you have been the kind of person that you really are now…”

Not that this epistle has a reader out there, but fair well and be well.

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