Prosecutor Fails Miserably In First Round of Senate Judiciary Hearing

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Rachel Mitchell, special prosecutor brought in by the Republican senatorial leadership to question Christine Blasey Ford in the Brett Kavanaugh nomination hearing seems to have failed in the first session in today’s hearing.

Mitchell, an Arizona District Attorney has approached this important hearing as she would in any criminal prosecution in her county. The problem is this is not a criminal prosecution. It is a confirmation hearing to determine if Judge Kavanaugh has the moral fiber for a lifetime appointment to the U S Supreme Court.

During each of Mitchell’s time to question Ford, she has run out of time due to the five minute limit under senate judiciary committee rules.

In her first line of questions, Mitchell attempted to certify if the information contained in Ford’s statements. She ran out of time and continued the same line of questioning in her second go round.

Then in Mitchell’s third attempt to break through for the GOP she made her questions seem more like an inquisition.

After each round of questioning by Mitchell, a Democratic member of the committee took advantage of the opportunity to allow Ford to explain how she felt during and after the alleged sexaul assualt.

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