Outside Counsel Mitchell Attempting to Discredit Ford’s Allegation

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During the second round of questioning, outside counsel Rachel Mitchell continued in her attempts to prove the GOP narrative that Christine Blasey Ford is a pawn of Democratic lawmakers.

Mitchell asked questions about the process Ford used to select an attorney to represent her. Ford testified that she received advice from unnamed people at the beach that she frequent about the need for her to hire an attorney. She stated that at first she did not believe she needed an attorney. She described the process she went through interviewing prospective attorney in parking lots on her cell phone.

Then Mitchell wanted to know the process Ford used in selecting the Washington Post to give her story. Again, she testified that people at the beach recommended she contact the New York Times and the Washington Post. She finally settled on the Post and did not feel a need to have multiple news sources.

Also, under questioning from Mitchell, Ford testified that she contacted her congressperson’s office and the Washington Post while Judge Kavanaugh was on the short list of nominees, but neither of them contacted her back until after Kavanaugh had been selected by the President to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court.

Amazingly, neither her congressperson or the Washington Post was interested in her claims of sexual assault until a very powerful man was headed to the Supreme Court. This says as much about politics and freedom of the press for women’s rights as anything that is happening before this judiciary committee today.

Additionally, Mitchell sought to poke holds in Ford’s story because of her inability to know the precise date the event and the location of the house where she alleges it occured.

Ford testified that she could narrow down the time period if Mark Judge was required to reveal the time period he worked at a store where she testified that she and her mother ran into him six or eight weeks after the alleged event. Thus far Republican senators are reluctant to compel Judge to testify before the committee.

Her testimony comes across creditable and convincing.

The judiciary committee broke for lunch after three hours of testimony from Dr. Ford.

Mitchell appears to be setting up a case to come back and argue that Ford was a Democratic plant who was sprung on the judiciary committee at the last minutes. The strategy is likely to blow up in their face as the case thus far is extremely weak.

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