No progressive has made any objection to this piece. The only thing Martin would be appalled about is enemies of the people attempting to explain him to members of his beloved community. People who accept the intelligence reports that the Russians hijacked the 2016 election agree with the thrust of this piece. They are on guard for provocateurs who make outlandish allegations in the face of the truth, attempting to throw the light off of Russian collusion in American federal elections by twisting the truth and historical facts. Your comment is why it was necessary to publish this piece. You prove the thesis of this post expertly.

Moreover, save your money; I do not engage in petty games with small minds. If you want to do some social good, pick a charity of your choice, and donate your $100.00.

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Harvey is Living Now Book Awards 2020 Bronze Medalist for his memoir Freaknik Lawyer: A Memoir on the Craft of Resistance. Available at

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