No Need for a State of the Union Address

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There is absolutely no need for a State of the Union address from the President of the United States this year. Any American not named Rip Van Winkle who has been “woke” for the past two years knows the once proud United States of America is a divided nation on the brink of collapse.

With one-fourth of the functionality of the government shut down over a border wall that the President is pouting with the Congress to fund, its plain to see the dire state of the USA.

Why would any President in his right mind want to remind Americans that their government is dysfunctional, I can’t figure this one out. Any true assessment of the state of affairs in US governance would have to discuss the ineptitude of congressional leaders, like Mitch McConnell, who defers legislative duties in deference to the whims of the executive branch of government.

It is hard to see how a proper state of the union address would not be a recitation of the inability of the legislative and executive branches of government to work together for the common good of all Americans.

Such an address would have to tell the American people that the President of the US is or has been a target of both a criminal and national security investigation. It would have to include the Mueller investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 Presidential election and the possible involvement of President Tump in Russian interference in our electoral process.

To be a real State of the Union address it would have to answer the question of this decade: Did a President of the United States wittingly or unwittingly aid the Russian government in efforts to destroy American democracy?

Moreover, Americans have come to distrust the public pronouncements of this President as he has proven time and time again that he can not be trusted to tell the truth. As the old saying goes, if Trump's mouth is moving, he’s lying.

I’ll pass on the fake address this year from the President and wait for the Mueller Report to assess the real “State of the Union.” Let’s hope for a good report.

Harold Michael Harvey is an American novelist and essayist. He is a Contributor at The Hill, SCLC National Magazine, Southern Changes Magazine, Medium, and Black College Nines. He can be contacted at

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