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Donald J. Trump agrees to talks with Kim Jong Un

Is Kim Jong Un Playing Donald Trump Too?

So, Donald Trump saunters into the White House press room to announce that there is big news forthcoming out of North Korea around suppertime.

Hearing this, I scratched my beard, rolled my eyes, and continued to prep garlic and thyme Flounder for the family dinner table.

“Oh well,” I thought. “It couldn’t be such breaking news if Trump made a voluntary announcement that it would be significant enough to divert attention away from his much talked about alleged affair with a porn actress.”

Turns out Trump’s breaking news was not so bigly.

Kim Jong Un wants to talk with the Donald in person. Whoop to doo!

Why would Un not want to talk with Trump?

Un has more to gain in an exchange with Trump than Trump can gain for the U S and the western hemisphere.

Here is what Un wants:

  1. Recognition as a member of the international community,
  2. An end to sanctions from the United Nations and the United States,
  3. Reunification of Korea under one government and;
  4. The right to develop its nuclear weapons program.

What does the United States want?

  1. To stop the North from developing its nuclear weapons program and;
  2. The right to maintain a military presence in the Korean peninsula.

By agreeing to sit down and confer with Un, Trump has already given in to the number one item on Un’s list, i. e., recognition as a member of the international community.

American allies in southern Korea paved the way for this recognition by partnering with their cousins in the north during the recently concluded Winter Olympic games. Un’s sisters was seated in the viewing stands one row behind U S Vice President Pence.

Next, Un has to get the U S to agreed to roll back some, if not all, of the serve sanctions that are crippling the North’s economy. He can accomplish this feat by agreeing to scale back his march to nuclear proficiency. Albeit, the North probably already have the capability to strike the U S west coast with a nuclear missile.

Once Un assures Trump that he will stop his march into the superpower class, the ball is in Trump’s court to reciprocate by removing sanctions imposed upon North Korea. Removing the sanctions will bring more economic benefit to Un and some of it may trickle down to the citizenry.

This will allow Un to work towards the reunification of Korea as it was before the U S moved in during World War II.

Trump’s, breaking news out of North Korea is no big news after all. He is being played on the world stage bigly. And from the size of the smile on my wife’s face following dinner, the garlic and thyme Flounder turned out superb.

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