How To Write Exciting Headlines For Medium

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How to write exciting headlines for Medium that pulls prospective readers into your articles?

This is not a rhetorical question. I’m not asking for a fellow writer. I’m asking for myself. It’s a question this writer is deeply curious to have answered.

How is it done?

How do the major income producers on Medium write exciting headlines that immediately grab the attention of readers and pull them into their stories?

Admittedly, I’m from the old school of journalism. The school of the who, what, when and why days. Therefore, my titles tend to be bland and without the hyperbole that I see in articles that get many more views than those I post.

I’ve had enough of writing, what I believe, to be good prose, but have the bulk of Medium readers pass me by for more entertaining headlines. I’ve come to this place where I am willing to ask for guidance and direction on writing headlines.

If you have read this far on the belief that this articles will give you insight into writing exciting headlines, you will get no answers from this article; other than, hopefully, the title of this piece caused enough experts to stop by this article, who will be gracious enough to leave a comment which will bring clarity on this subject to myself and others writers. Who like me, are similarly without a clue on headline writing in the digital age.

The method to my madness is that the reader will gain valuable information about headline writing from the comments offered by the readers of this piece.

All comments on the subject are welcome below.

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