Did Cohen/Trump Pay-off Four of Stormy Daniels Friends?

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Donald J. Trump giving a stump speech in California during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Photo from the Internet.

During the closing days of the 2016 Presidential election, candidate Hillary Clinton, after her campaign had been briefly stalled by a publicly disclosed FBI investigation, again was gaining momentum.

At this same time, candidate Donald Trump was reeling from the infamous “grab women by the…,” you know what tape.

Up pops Stephanie Gregory Clifford, also known as the adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Clifford wants to go public with intimate details of her alleged dealings with candidate trump.

But Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen has other plans. Fearing that Clifford’s disclosure would derail Trump’s chance at winning the General Election in a few weeks, Cohen devised a plan, either on his own, or in concert with others, to buy Clifford’s silence.

Cohen enters into negotiations with Clifford’s lawyer, Keith M. Davidson,to seal her mouth into infinity. Their negotiations resulted in a “Confidential Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release; Assignment of Copyrights and Non-Disparagement Agreement. Should Clifford breach the terms of this agreement, she would have to pay Trump One Million Dollars for each such breach in liquidated damages.

According to this document Daniels would release Trump from “ damage claims including but not limited to tort claims proximately causing injury to her person and other related claims.”

Trump claimed that Daniels had recorded images of Trump. Thus the Assignment of Copyrights portions of the agreement; and she had obtained other personal information about his private life without his consent.

Therefore Trump was seeking to prevent the disclosure of this information.

The parties agreed to not pursue claims against each other in exchange for Trump providing Daniels with $130,000.

Aslo, contained in this agreement on Page 5, Section 4.2, Daniels is required to disclose all persons whom she had provided information about her relationship with Trump prior to discussing settlement negotiations with Cohen.

Presumably, this clause is designed to contain the flow of information about this alleged affair and narrow down the community of folks who had some prior knowledge of Clifford’s interactions with Trump.

Clifford, in what appears to be her own handwriting, listed Mike Mosney, Angel Ryan, Gina Rodriguez, and Keith Munyan.

Neither Mosney, Ryan, Rodriguez or Munyan, all friends of Clifford, have come forth with any information that would collaborate Clifford’s relationship with Trump. Instead, they are standing on the principle that the courts will ultimately give Clifford the right to speak her own truth.

One would think that if they were not enjoined by a similar “Confidential Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release; Assignment of Copyright and Non-Disparagement Agreement, they would have spoken up by now.

It is more likely than not that their silence too has been bought and paid for by the same forces that are prohibiting Clifford from speaking.

Your thoughts are welcome below.

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