Cohen “The Fixer”: Fixing up A Political Mess

Photo by niu niu on Unsplash

Michael Cohen, “The Fixer” for the past decade for Donald Trump, has turned his attention to fixing up the political mess he caused by paying hush money to two of Trump’s extramarital affairs.

Today Cohen, The Fixer, plead guilty to essentially arranging unlawful campaign contributions to buy the silence of two of Trump’s girlfriends.

The illegal campaign contributions came at a time during the 2016 Presidential Election when public disclosure about Trump’s unfaithfulness to his wife, Melania Trump, could have been the death knell to his chances to become president.

The Fixer told a federal court judge that he orchestrated the campaign donations and the payments at the direction of a federal candidate, presumably Donald Trump.

Trump’s goose is cooked.

The Fixer places Trump as a knowing and willing participate in a scheme to receive and use campaign donations without disclosing the contribution or how the money was spent. Both of which are against federal law.

Cohen’s subterfuge created a mess in the executive branch of government that has led to governance by lies and chicanery. But today in entering his plea, he started America down the long hard road to get out of the messy Trump Presidency.

The ball is now squarely in the Republican court. If congress fails to act, if they go “gumpy de gump” as they have done in the past 18 months, then the American people must remove enough of them from office in the November midterm election to allow an investigation into Trump’s conduct during the closing days of the 2016 Presidential election.

Finally, The Fixer is taking responsibility for the mess he created. Now it is time for congress to own up to its complicity in this messy governance and fix it once and for all.

Harold Michael Harvey is an American novelist and essayist. He is a Contributor at The Hill, SCLC National Magazine, Southern Changes Magazine, Medium and Black College Nines. He can be contacted at

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