Christine Blasey Ford is a Victim of Sexual Assault

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After a day of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I am firmly convinced that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is a victim of sexual assault.

Ford testified that she was at a party, actually more of a gathering, in a house following swimming and diving exercises at the country club where her family was a member.

When she went upstairs to use the bathroom, Ford said she was pushed from behind into a room across from the the bathroom. She was thrown down on a bed and found Brett Kavanaugh on top of her sloppy drunk and laughing with his close friend Mark Judge.

This is her story and she stuck to it in convincing style during several hours of questioning from Rachel Mitchell on behalf of Republican senate members.

Mitchell stumbled out the block, unable to do her prosecutorial interrogation under senate hearing rules. She attempted to discredit Ford’s testimony using the talking points heard most of the week from President Trump and Republican lawmakers who unconditionally support Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Ford sounded like a sexual assault victim. She look like a person telling a difficult truth, under pressured circumstances and in a strange abode.

Something happened to Ford when she was 15 years old. I now await the testimony of Kavanaugh to see if he convinces me that whoever assaulted Ford was not a squeaky clean, sloppy drunk teenager named Brett Kavanaugh.

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