Can Judge Kavanaugh Survive Another FBI Investigation?

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Can Federal Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh survive another round of FBI scrutiny?

This is the question following an unexpected announcement before the Senate Judiciary Committee by Jeff Flake, retiring senator from Snowflake, Arizona. His announcement came a day after Kavanaugh screamed at Democratic senators and cried crocodile tears in rambling testimony attempting to advance his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Flake stung his committee colleagues Friday when he announced that he would only support voting Kavanaugh’s nomination out of committee if the full senate would pause one week to allow time for an FBI investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct brought by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against Kavanaugh when they were teenagers.

Just one day before Flake’s motion passed the judiciary committee, Kavanaugh passed up multiple opportunities to agree to a halt into the nomination process to allow time for an FBI investigation into Ford’s allegation of attempted rape.

During the hearing, Kavanaugh would only concede that he would go along with whatever the committee wanted to do. In making this concession, Kavanaugh knew full well that the committee on that day was not of the mind to pause for an FBI investigation into Dr. Ford or other women’s claims of sexual misconduct experienced at his hands.

But oh, what a difference a day makes.

Today, the relevant question is can Kavanaugh come out as the squeaky clean, boy wonder, who “likes beer,” as he presented himself before the judiciary committee?

Will the much talked about calendar have probative value to the FBI investigators?

Will this calendar narrow down the date that the teenager Christine Blasey was in a house without the presence of any parental supervision, with the boys that she testified were present the day that she alleges Kavanaugh and Mark Judge laughingly held her in an upstairs bedroom hoping to get her naked?

I’m willing to bet that experience investigators will be able to either piece together Ford’s story or destroy it based upon her memory of events and the evidence Kavanaugh presented.

Will FBI investigators be able to determine that reference to a “devil triangle” contained in Kavanaugh’s yearbook is actually a reference to a sex act between two men and one woman and not a drinking contest as Kavanaugh testified; then link the urban definition of a “devil triangle” to what might have happen to Ford had she not been able to escape to the bathroom across the hall where she alleges she was held captive?

Will an investigation into the urban dictionary meaning of “FFFFFFourth of July” (Find, French, Finger, F..k, Forget fourth of July)found written in Kavanaugh’s calendar lead investigators to a possible date in 1982 when Ford alleges she was assaulted by Kavanaugh or will this notation paint a clear picture into Kavanaugh’s modus operandi for sexual conquest in general?

When confronted with the sordid details in the FBI supplemental file, will Kavanaugh do a 180 degree reversal like Flake and ask the President to withdraw his name from consideration as the next Justice of the Supreme Court?

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